There is no freedom without Math

When humans learned to apply Mathematics, we experienced an economic and scientific growth. We all know the results in medicine, biology, physics and most recently in economics and finance, as well as other social sciences. And we barely discuss their influence in arts, such music, literature, cinema and.. freedom.

Mathematics help us read and understand the Universe; they hide beneath their curves and their forms maintain kingdoms; from small atoms to the creation of galaxies.

Math is a universal language. They transcend time. Their meaning is the same today, tomorrow or 500 years ago. I strongly disagree with those who say it is necessary to be a mathematician to appreciate them and let be led by their wisdom. It is almost as saying that only a dancer can appreciate a Broadway show.

Mathematics is about abstract thinking and pattern recognition. Human capacity to quantify these patterns is what makes us unique and sets us apart from the animal kingdom. It gives us the ability to build cities, forecast sales, elaborate algorithms and send men to the Moon.

I am not a Mathematician. I am an economist and my relationship with Math was not always this lovely. At one point I got a 20 in an exam. When I visited the teacher to review the score, he told me “You probably deserved less”.

Math is probably the tool that elevates our species to our best selves. Men crash on religion, culture, race, but when it comes to scientific knowledge and math, people tend to be brought together with ourselves and the Universe itself.

What does it have to do with freedom? If we want to get some kind of progress in our lives, we need indicators. We need to evaluate cause and effect. This way there will be no ambiguity. Every step will be solid.

It is somehow easy to determine if a society is free or not. If you are able to determine whether or not their politicians and society are ruled by a set of scientific-measurable standards or if they simple act under a doctrine and plain politics.

Every time you listen to a politician talk, ask yourself if his ideas area measurable. It is not only about numbers, equations and formulas, it is about freely exploring the truth. Freedom is the essence of Mathematics.

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